Chemical company Nouryon invests in Delfzijl in the restart of the Delesto 2 combined heat and power plant.

The aim is to put this power plant into operation by the end of 2020 as a start-stop installation for the supply of electricity to the public grid at peak times. The decision involves a total of twenty direct jobs.


The decision was prompted by changes in the (inter) national energy market, such as the planned closure of coal-fired power stations and the enormous increase in renewable energy in the form of wind and solar energy. This necessitates the use of flexible units, such as gas-fired combined heat and power plants, from the point of view of balance on the energy market. The favorable price developments and expectations in the electricity market as a result also play an important role in the decision.

Very important

The restart was made possible thanks to the solid manner in which the installation was preserved in 2012. Marcel Galjee, Managing Director Energy within Industrial Chemicals, called Delesto 2 a “sleeping beauty”. “350 MW of electrical power is now available in the form of an extremely reliable, efficient and stable installation. For Nouryon, for our business and for the location Delfzijl of great importance. A decision that simultaneously contributes to sustainability. CO2 emissions from a gas-fired power plant are about half that of a coal-fired power plant. ”


The plant, which combines high efficiency with relatively low emissions, will actively contribute to the transition to a stable and sustainable electricity system in our country from the end of 2020. To this end, the installation will be used 125 to 200 times a year as a start-stop installation during limited periods of the day / week. The center of gravity will probably be in the fall, winter and spring.

The playing field for fossil fuels will eventually become smaller. The share of renewable energy sources will continue to grow in the pursuit of a CO2-neutral energy supply.

Contribution Santon CBS

Santon CBS has replaced an old switch-disconnector with a modern NT 12 from Schneider Electric. This means that the installation again complies with current safety requirements.

In addition, together with the client we have given special attention to the total transmitted energy of this switch, whereby the new NT 12 performs much better than the obsolete switch.

old situation

new situation