In March 2017, Santon was commissioned by a British building materials supplier (quarry) to replace an old Ottermill OMA-circuit breaker. After thoughtful research it was determined that a Semi-Plug & Play solution should be provided.

But what’s the difference between a Plug & Play and a Semi-Plug & Play solution from Santon Circuit Breaker Services? With a Semi-Plug & Play solution, in contrast to a ‘normal’ Plug & Play solution, parts of the old original circuit breaker are recycled.

So, the old Ottermill OMA-circuit breaker project is a nice example of such a Semi-Plug & Play solution. For example, both the trip-mechanism and the on/off-mechanism have been retained in this ‘renovated’ circuit breaker. Then, with specially tailored pieces, the old trip-mechanism is expressed with the trip-mechanism of the new (fixed) switch.

With this project, Santon has offered a unique and creative solution for replacing an old circuit breaker.

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